Review A Day - Hoodoo

Sorry for the late review on this - I was meant to post this up yesterday, but it was busy busy busy, packing to leave university.

Muchos Thankos goes to Lara Helen for this review.

Hoodoo is a haunting tale of regret and dysphoria, swathed in enigma. Evident as much now as it ever was, Muse aren’t ones for turning down the drama. This is the Ruled by Secrecy/Megalomania of Black Holes and Revelations; a grand and sombre build up, eventually crashing into the blindingly powerful and emotional climax that they do so well.

It’s evident from the introduction that Muse have been drawing on a whole new range of influences for this album. It’s all very flamenco and a bit more exotic sounding than the usual. After a minute or so the string section creeps in, almost unnoticed, sadly and slowly, sending us helplessly onwards.

Piano suddenly crashes in with a rampant, uncontrollable passion. There’s the fantastic sweeping piano section we’ve been waiting for all album! Matt Bellamy’s breakneck arpeggios have no comparison in the music industry, and no wonder, only a man of great talent could pull this sort of thing off.

Then all these immense layers melt away, as the song returns to the soft, sad emptiness of the introduction…

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