Review A Day - Exo Politics

Tom Wilson
Exo-Politics is a song about political conspiracies, the battle of us peasants against the big, scary governments and, in true Muse style, aliens.
This song was played several times on their most recent US tour, dubbed by fans as “Pee Candle” and “Burning Bandits”, to rapturous receptions. The studio version improves upon the live significantly, encompassing an eclectic array of new techniques, such as implementing a Theremin accompaniment and syncopated bass line. Chris recently told us that while Matt and himself play their instruments very differently, their aim is to compliment each other,

Chris Wolstenholme
The way that Matt plays the guitar and the way that I play the bass are very, very different. He sort of, plays across everything, whereas I play in a more solid way so that we compliment each other. I think that solid bass allows him to work over the top of it.

…which becomes apparent throughout the duration of the song. While Muse aren’t the obvious candidates for taking the simple approach, Exo-Politics is probably one of the more predictable tracks, and can be compared to Audioslave’s Like a Stone.

Another masterpiece from our rock god overlords, destined for that ever growing pile. Next up, Assassin.