Review A Day - City of Delusion

It’s time for another review again, and after reading the Knights of Cydonia and Hoodoo reviews, I’m convinced that you are now prepared for a dollopping of City of Delusion.

Tom Wilson
Like so many other Muse songs we all know and love, City of Delusion is destined to be thrown upon the “Oh my God, this song is absolutely fucking incredible” pile. Not only does it combine flamenco guitar wankery, underwater gurgling and a full string section stringing their stringy strings out, it has a fricking trumpet solo in it. Yes, a trumpet solo.

But you shouldn’t seem surprised – this is Muse after all, and this track bears all the trademarks of a true classic. At almost 5 minutes long, it is one of the lengthier tracks on the album, starting with a steady chorus of acoustic guitars backed by a solid bass, leading into pained preachings of “Destroy this City of Delusion, Break these Walls Down”.

Muse have changed direction here. In fact, they’ve turned the corner, flipped their tour bus over and landed in a stream of immense craziness. Tremendous as this song is, it takes a few listens to really appreciate the fantastically co-ordinated complexity that cuddles the main theme. Each niggling harmony, each little drum sequence, each smattering of guitar strumming; it all equates to one big pile of awesome (if listened to in full stereo, replace “awesome” with “a lot of awesome”).

Pulling this track off live is going to be impressive to witness and I, for one, cannot wait for the experience.