Review A Day - Assassin

Thanks to Lara Helen for this one!

Lara Helen
The seventh track of the new album begins in what seems a very disjointed and schizophrenic way, plunging into a riff that is untypically heavy of MuseYou could even be forgiven for thinking that a track from a band such as System of a Down had somehow escaped onto the wrong album until the vocals kick in.

Prior to the tracks of the new album being fixed it was said that one of these tracks was named Demonocracy. There is now some speculation that Assassin may be this same song renamed, as it contains the lyrics “Oppose and disagree, destroy Demonocracy”.

It has been suggested that Black Holes and Revelations is of a very
political theme, Assassin giving one of the most prominent example of this. The lyrics seem to talk of some form of civil uprising (“The time has come for you to shoot your leaders down”) and suggest that the assassin of the title has been born from the discontent of the people and their subsequent desire for revolution. Despite this, Chris says that while some songs on the album may be fairly political Muse wishes to stay away from definite political statements. He explains “I think that if you want to start talking
about actual events you need to get your facts really straight, and I don’t think we’re prepared to go down that road yet.”

Whatever it’s about it’s still a furious and perfectly “moshable” track
which serves as a perfect compliment to some of the more subtle songs around it.