Remember Tomorrow Fuse TV - New Stockholm Syndrome Video

Just a reminder to all you US residents!

Fuse TV will be broadcasting the latest video from Muse, Stockholm Syndrome, tomorrow at 2:30! Set your video recorders, TV recorders, Hard Disk Recorders, TiVO, VOOM or PC to record the video!

...And then upload it to our Share Your Stuff Section where you will be greeted by 7 groupies, a bag of chips and an inflatable dinghy. You know it makes sense :)

Update: Apparently this has now aired?!


i just turned on my computer just to say that i just finished watching their new video! It's pretty ealry i know but i only watch mtv2 before i go to school. i think the video is pretty different but in a good way. the video is good and its pretty cool how people in the video get blown away (literally!) because of a certain part of the song! I think it's a good video.