Razorlight a better band after touring with Muse

Taken from the razorlight.co.uk site:

Following Razorlight's tour of the U.S. with Muse, Johnny claims it's made them a better band. "There's nothing that makes you a good band like gigging and all that touring. I think we've taken every single show incredibly seriously and given it everything we've got. We don't have off nights. I think that's made us into the band that we are live." In an interview with MTV he added "Every time you go to America you get your arse kicked. And then you wait until it heals again, and then you go back there again and get you're arse kicked again and keep doing the same thing - until one day, you don't get your arse kicked"

Wise words indeed!

Razorlight are headlining at the Nokia Isle Of Wight Festival on June 10th (now Sold Out)