Radio 1s Big Weekend - General Update

As you all are probably aware by now, Muse will be performing tonight at Radio 1's Big Weekend event in Dundee, Scotty Land. They are due on at 19:40, but this isn't confirmed. BBC 3 should be broadcasting the event (or at least bits and bobs) throughout the day, as well as Radio 1.

Radio 1 recently broadcast some information about the event, and it was possible to hear Muse soundtesting in the background - it sounded like a new song - so hopefully we'll get some new stuff tonight from the band.

Thanks to sam_linnett, you can download the soundcheck here - listen carefully though!

Listen to Radio 1

Thanks to Qizarate for the following:

Highlights from Radio 1's One Big Weekend (for which Muse are one of the main stage attractions) will be broadcast on BBC3 tonight at 11:30pm.