Radio 1 Ident to be Aired

The BBC is finally rolling out the controversial Radio 1 television promotional campaign that was shelved because of fears of a backlash from licence-fee payers over how much the trail cost to make. [Admin: The ident was also due to feature Muse, though this is now in doubt]

Mark Thompson, the BBC director general, put the campaign on the backburner in early April over fears that it looked to have been made with an extravagant ad budget.

The TV trail, which promotes Radio 1's DJs and is called "As 1", was originally conceived to run in lengths varying from 60 seconds up to two minutes.

However, the BBC has elected to slice the content into shorter 20 second trails, with a segment featuring afternoon DJ Scott Mills dressed as a King Arthur-style knight rising from a swamp due to break on the corporation's TV channels tonight....