Qua on AOL once again

Lilyandthemist (and myself) had a conversation with Qua (Matt's old AOL account) and this conversation with Matt (or whoever it was) happened:

AOL transcript
LilyoftheMyst (11:10:44 AM): Hey
Qua (11:11:16 AM): hi
LilyoftheMyst (11:11:48 AM): how are you? havent been around in a while!
Qua (11:13:19 AM): good, you?
LilyoftheMyst (11:14:58 AM): im great, a lil tired, too much partying last night
Qua (11:15:56 AM): where you go?
LilyoftheMyst (11:17:03 AM): out to some local bars, a bunch of my friends had their university graduation yesterday
Qua (11:17:28 AM): USA?
LilyoftheMyst (11:18:42 AM): Yup, michigan
LilyoftheMyst (11:21:34 AM): so are you excited for the single to be coming out?
Qua (11:24:05 AM): ye, should be fun to play live
LilyoftheMyst (11:25:50 AM): im excited to hear it, and the album too. what made you come up with the name for it?