Progress Update

Posted by Tom Kirk on

Hello, long time no see.

We are now currently mixing the new album and hopefully should be finished over the next few weeks. We'll announce the release and touring plans soon. About the album, some new songs deal with awol soldiers, Zeta Reticulans, the sound of Joe Meek's tape machine being thrown down the stairs, the private thoughts of General Zhu Chenghu, feeling strangely comfortable collecting fire wood whilst wielding an axe and of course, how to store Pasta for 12 years using nitrogen flushing. We have also obtained a Buchla. Our very own Marvin sat in the corner depressed too complex to be fun and too unreliable to be a friend. It may have been close to getting blood from a stone but in the end we did get some earnest synth dreams out of him. The 6/8 cycling monster has turned out truly gargantuan, it will have to end the album (a few beserkers may recognize the chordal structure from piano doodlings on previous tours). Also, a sinister presence at the center of our Galaxy has inspired what could be described as a surprisingly casual manage-a-trois involving Prince, R2-D2 and the Queen when she was hot. Oh, by the way "Crying Shame" isn't going to be the first single! So that's it for now, see you all soon we hope.

Take care, Muse

...and BEFORE any rabid fans start crying 'anagram', it all does make sense when you do a little investigating. This new album is shaping up to be pretty political (ie anti-American-foreign-policy), AND it looks like they're back onto the scifi stuff.