Post Milan Show 7th June

Muse played their first full gig this year and as expected Morgan was on stage with them. But news from Musesyndrome (thanks Nick) says that Matt played piano for New Born & Butterflies & Hurricanes! So Matt hasn't abandoned his piano! (Bloody good news :P). Also, this could be an early indication of the future Muse setlists...

The Setlist Was:-

1. Map of the Problematique
2. Bliss
3. Butterflies and Hurricanes
4. Plug in Baby
5. Invincible
6. Stockholm Syndrome
7. New Born
8. Supermassive Black Hole
9. Starlight
10. Time Is Running Out
11. Assassin
12. Encore
13. Hysteria
14 Knights of Cydonia