PinkPop Single

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The third single of Muse' succenful album "Absolution" (a golden record in The Netherlands ánd Belgium) is the titletrack.

On the occasion of the headline-performance of the band at Pinkpop 2004, there is going to be a special pinkpop edition of this single, in three parts. The first has songs on it from the sold out show in Ahoy Rotterdam, 6 November 2003, the second all three Absolution-video's and the fourth live tracks recorded at the forthcoming Pinkpop-show. The tracklist, however, will depend on the quality of the recordings. In any case, this CD will contain 4 songs of the undoubtedly memorable Pinkpop-performance, so it is a a musthave for 40.000 Musefans in Holland (those who are gonna see muse at pinkpop not me ..still a musthave for me ) All three cds fit in the luxurous digipack that comes with cd1

- Official Muse-weekend at 3FM in the weekend before Pinkpop (22 & 23 mei).

- Beautiful futuristic video, also als an extra op CD/DVD2.

- Airplay of the single and video on 3FM and MTV ('Exclusive'/'Must See') en diverse andere zenders.

TRACKLISTINGS:CD 1 - Ahoy' Edition (release 24 mei 2004):

1. Sing For Absolution (radio edit)

2. Bliss (live in Ahoy', 6 november 2003)

3. Sunburn (live in Ahoy', 6 november 2003)

4. Feeling Good (live in Ahoy', 6 november 2003)

CD/DVD 2 (release 31 mei 2004):

1. Sing For Absolution (album version)

2. Time Is Running Out (DVD videoclip)

3. Hysteria (DVD videoclip)

4. Sing For Absolution (DVD videoclip)

CD3 - Pinkpop 2004 Edition (release 14 juni 2004):

1. Sing For Absolution (live @ Pinkpop 2004)

2. Time Is Running Out (live @ Pinkpop 2004)

3. Plug In Baby (live @ Pinkpop 2004)

4. Stockholm Syndrome (live @ Pinkpop 2004)

(tracklisting CD3 onder voorbehoud!)

Also, apparently (according to Londoner), Muse will be playing at this year's Rock Istanbul Festival