Photos From Rome and a message from Tom Kirk

From Tom Kirk, regarding the download section of the website:

As you know, we're geting together a new area of the website where you can download all sorts of cool Muse on-line features. Apart from making some ourselves, we are also hoping to collect and distrubute loads of wallpapers, games, buddy icons, screen savers and any other cool stuff you may have created for Muse that you want to share with your fellow Musers.

We have had a great response from you so far, with a great, though some strange, collection of files that will very soon be going up on the site. Just a note on what the best format of files to send through:

- Please zip up any files you send, this definitely applies to any screen savers we get.
- No BMP files please. They not working out!
- Video files are preferred in Qtime or Mpeg please. AVI if it is huge but this does restrict some people being able to view it.
- Audio files in MP3
- If you have sent files in so far that dont match the above preferences, you don't need to send them in again, we can transfer them but anything in future like the above please!

Please email these files to with your name attached.

A new audio download area is being created where ringtones and audio files will be available. Any Muse remixes you've made, cool live bootlegs and any other random Muse audio files you have can also be uploaded and shared. Please email these to the address above, or please post a C.D of them to:

Muse Downloads,
East West Records,
49 Kensington Court,
W8 5DA

Thanks very much. I'll do my best to credit anyone who's artistic input is used on the site, like I said before the response has been fantastic, keep it up, this area of the site will be well cool.


Also, there are some pretty cool photos from Rome where Muse recently performed. Hehe.

Also, it seems as though the official Muse forums are borked.