Opinions - Server Situation

I've just taken a look at our server statistics - this month we have used 900GB of bandwidth.

Our monthly limit is 1000GB

As you can tell, we're getting close to the limit, and once the album is released and Muse start touring it is going to be highly unlikely that we can stay under this limit.

You may be aware from previous months that if we go over this limit, we are charged overage fines.

Ive had a few ideas, but would really like some community input/suggestions on this.

First of all, we will NOT be limiting downloads for Premium Account holders, regardless of the server situation.

I've got 2 ideas. First one - we limit downloads for normal members. We've got 20,000 ish members on this site, the vast majority of which take us for granted and purely download our media (without contributing to the community). There are already limits in place, (1,000 MB per month per standard member, increasing depending on your level) - we would reduce these limits by about 400MB per month per user.

Second One - we do ANOTHER server upgrade. We would upgrade to a server which has an unmetered amount of bandwidth (probably on a 100mbps port). This would at least double the cost of the site (it would cost us at least £200 per month to maintain) - the only way we can do this is if we sell enough Premium Accounts and T-Shirts.

I welcome any suggestions, and sorry to spoil everyone's moods' with a boring, non-musey post!

Although, Muse are currently number 5 in the download charts... in The Faroe Islands at least.