One more

Sorry for this seemingly endless barrage of NME-based interviews! Another interview with Muse has popped up since their appearance at Thursday's NME Awards. Will they become an entirely symphonic act?

For those of you outside the UK that can't view the video below, Dazza has kindly uploaded the interview to SYS (click)

For those of you who can't watch it (we should have it in SYS soon, we'll keep you posted), nuck has kindly transcribed the interview: [more]

Interviewer: How are the plans going for the next record have you started to visualise the concept?

Matt: Yeah i think we're about half way there we're creating a lot of material now and a lot of it's going in all sorts of directions. In the next couple of months i think we're going to have to narrow it down and start saying what are we going to do here you know. At the moment we're just enjoying totally exploring everything we've got to offer you know. It's going really well some really brilliant songs coming out some of our best material i think so certainly gonna be some really good stuff on there

Interviewer: If theres any band that i'd expect to do something different when an album comes out it's you guys i mean surely a double album a 3d holographic album i mean what are the more far out ideas you've got?

Chris: Umm we thought about a double album last time but it didn't quite work out who knows you know we'll try anything see what happens

Matt: I think a synphonic album has turned up here like a full collabiration with an orchestra. It's definatley theres a few things on the album which segway with each other and it's all very orchestral you know but that could take over the album you know so it could go down the be a classical act and move away from teh rock all together and we'll be knocking on classic fm's door next year you know.

Interviewer: It could be just one big long song

Matt: Yeah exactly that old chestnut.