Official Website to Get New Look

Rock band Muse is adding podcasts of its back catalogue to its Web site, along with digital music sales.

The revamp of the site comes three years after its launch, when digital agency Splendid created a site that attracted 15,000 downloads of the band's debut single and has since generated 140,000 registered users.

Splendid is now creating a site that will be fully customisable by fans and will include a raft of premium content, both free and paid-for. It will relaunch to coincide with the release of the band's new album in July.

Rights issues don't allow the band to sell music directly from its site, so fans will be redirected to music stores like Apple iTunes.

Splendid recently launched a site for prog-punk band Mystery Jets with a competition that encouraged users to search for clues on sites like NME .com. It's believed a similar mechanic will be used for the new Muse site.

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