Observer Music Monthly Review

In an apparent contradiction to The Guardian's earlier review, another opinion of The Resistance has appeared in the same magazine, rating it 4 / 5

After the bombastic apotheosis of 2007's two-night stand at the new Wembley Stadium, Muse had two options. Either retreat into their shell and record that acoustic set of 19th-century West Country folk songs, or continue along the trajectory laid out for them by the wilfully apocalyptic Black Holes & Revelations - ie to infinity and beyond. While it's no surprise that Muse have chosen the latter course, the wholeheartedness with which this album hurls itself into the abyss of cod-symphonic astral pretension is to be commended.

The Resistance's bold flight from the constraints of human reason takes a little while to get up to warp speed. Uprising - the album's first single - is a deceptively conventional glitter-stomp melange of the Dr Who theme and Blondie's Call Me. Next up, the title track posits a theoretically grisly but in practice quite palatable hybrid of U2 and David Guetta. But it's only after Undisclosed Desires has offered Depeche Mode the chance to beef up New Life with an extra disco twist that hyper-space really beckons....