Noisettes to support Muse on Arena Tour

According to their myspace they will be playing at all dates between Nov 7th and Dec 13th.

Noisettes Myspace
Ok, i am at liberty to say it then.
On the 3rd of November we start the biggest support tour that we've ever had in our fucking lives: an arena tour with MUSE. it's all confirmed, it's scary and exciting as fuck and it will be happening in a town or city near you very soon. I can't really believe it though it will be reality soon. Just finished work in conjunction with Sam Bannister of Plantbased on the art work for our next single, Don't Give Up and attended a colour grading session with Director, Ollie Evans for the video for that song.

Yeah, look out the window and you're aware that the train has started moving and it's picking up speed as you look. It's make or break time down to the wire. The fact is that Muse..are hailled by most voices in the world as one of the best ever live acts in the of all time right now, there is the hurdle of getting over the wac sound that you get when you play arenas. This will either be the beginning or the end for us but don't for a second think that i'm fucking whingeing (is that the way you're supposed to spell that word? don't know, don't care). This is what we're ABOUT and IN for. It's the "craic". Like a big swig from the bottle marked "Drink Me" and seeing what happens and sitting back to enjoy the ride. We do. Hope you do too. Much love.

Dan Noisette