NME slates Knights of Cydonia in Review

The reviewer is fighting against the flow of opinion here...

Prog epic drives hack to veggie burger

"So I'm the one person who - while the rest of what I thought was sentinel world were having some kind of life-changing epiphany as Muse opened their Carling Weekend: Reading Festival set with this ridiculous prog metal belter full of galloping horses and riffs like Excalibur being pulled from the stone - was thinking, "Balls to this nonsense - time to get me a veggie burger." Asked afterwards to explain what on Mars is so marvellous about this apparent melting pot of all the worst music ever (Queen, Iron Maiden, Emerson Lake & Palmer, opera, early Radiohead), even the most eloquent of my friends counld merely scream, "AAAARRRGGH!" while tearing their own hair out. YOU'RE ALL WRONG."