News from the band and IMA nominations

Got this through the muse mailing list:

Muse have been shortlisted for 3 Interactive Music Awards! These are: Best Rock Band, Innovation (for the Stockholm Syndrome download single) and Artist Of The Year. You can vote for them in the Artist Of The Year category by texting year 14 to 82133 (make sure you include the space between year and 14). Full details are available here. By voting you will also be entered into a draw to win a BT Home Computing PC or one of 5 Xboxes!!

The band are currently on tour in Europe. Here's a message from them:

Dear all,

Hope you are doing well. To those that have come to see and support us on our current European Tour, thanks very much. So far the gigs have been great and the fans a pleasure to be playing to. The amount of support and encouragement we have had from those that have come to the shows has been mind blowing, and with each different city we play in bringing its own special vibes, this tour is really coming to life.

There have been some crazy gigs so far; Milan, Geneva, Lyon, Berlin and Brussels really kicked off, but saying that, every gig has been individually cool in its own way. One that jumps to mind was The Mayor of Florence coming to see our show, then inviting us to his Palace the day after for a guided tour and some fine wines. There was also 'Ice' from 'Transylvania', who throughout Italy took us to his rock/goth bars and forced us to party every night with a collection of
people that can only be described as difficult to describe. They were really good nights, and we did some recovering in Florie, France with a spot of wine-tasting and a look at the local, beautiful vineyards.

So it's all cool out on tour, hope to see you at a show some time soon. We've added some new dates in Iceland, Japan, Australia and New Zealand which we are really looking forward to. Hysteria is in the shops on December 1st, all 3 formats
are well worth checking out.

Cheers, take care.