New Songs and Setlist 150405

Found at

Temple University
Liacouras Center, Philadelphia, PA

The Small Print
Debase Mason's Grog (New One IV)
New Born
Ruled by Secrecy
Butterflies and Hurricanes
My Searching (New one II)
Codebreak Shy Outsider (New one III)
Time is Running Out
Bliss (ext)

Dracula Mountain (Cover)
Muscle Museum
Stockholm Syndrome

So the 3 New Songs are called, "Debase Mason's Grog" (WTF?!), "My Searching" and "Codebreak Shy Outsider". There could be temporary names though. When OOS was about to be released, "Futurism" was known as "Spectrum".


Muse playing tricks with us heh, ha! Thanks to DVDlental for this :)

Debase Mason's Grog = Messageboard Song (Pee Candle?)

My Searching = Crying Shame

Codebreak Shy Outsider = Des Is Our Keyboard Tech