New Muse Interview in Guardian

Earthbound asteroids, evil lizards and fans disguised as gasmen ...

Muse are on their fourth album - and still finding plenty to worry about, finds Alexis Petridis

Friday June 16, 2006
The Guardian

A counter-balance to well-mannered rock ... Muse

The past few days have been trying for Matt Bellamy. First, there was a press junket to America, where his band Muse are tipped to replicate their multi-platinum, stadium-packing, festival-headlining European success. The trip was not an unqualified triumph. It started well, with a helicopter ride around New York, but ended with the singer cancelling a raft of interviews. One persistent rumour claims Bellamy excused himself from any further Stateside promotional duties on the grounds he'd heard an asteroid was about to hit America and it was therefore imperative he leave the country immediately. Whether this was a genuine fear or merely the best excuse a pop star has ever come up with for avoiding the music press remains open to conjecture. ...