New Muse Book Update

NME: Mark Beaumant
100,000 words later, the Muse book gets delivered to Omnibus Press on deadline this morning and I can finally look up from a computer screen for the first time in a month.


It's amazing what a month coseted away in a flat with barely any contact with the outside world will do to you. I think I've developed mild agoraphobia since I find myself suddenly terrified of being mugged when in small crowds and everywhere I look everyone seems to have the face of Matt Bellamy, like in Being John Malkovich.

I've also become an encyclopeidic fount of Muse trivia - pretty much any fact that's appeared in print about them is stuffed somewhere into the darkest recesses of my brain and I'm open to being tested. Questions from the floor?

And as I prepare to resume normal daily blog service, what have I missed?

* Muse have started work on a new album, which they plan to release more organic... what? WHAT? There's more Muse stuff to write about? AAAARGGHHHH!!!

Tonight's gig: My birthday/finishing Muse book party in Room 2 of Proud Gallery, with One Night Only, Pete & The Pirates & The Displacements playing next door
On the iPod no the way to work: nothing, too braindead from Muse-overload