New Information

Some bits from interviews with Dom and Matt respectively for South American newspapers/magazines, translated to English (only the parts talking about the new album or performing old songs live):

Dom interview - Rolling Stone Chile (this month's issue)

What's Muse been up during the last months?
We've been rehearsing some new material and the set for the tour. We've just started working on these new songs, we've got some ideas, and we're going back to basics, improvising again. It's quite refreshing doing so again.

How's the show going to be? [in Chile, 26th July]
I think we're going to perform a lot of what we've done in the last 10 years. It will be nice to play some things that we haven't played live for a long time. There must be some people who have listened to older songs and want to listen to them live. We prefer to play songs from the four albums rather than centring on the old or the new stuff.

When are you going on studio to record?
September or October, after our last show, that is in mid-August, the very end of our tour. That's when we will start working harder on the new material

Matt interview - El Universal México (5th July)

After the tour, you will go to the studio, it's rumoured that the new songs will be first on the internet...
We won't be doing this soon, but when that time comes, we'll upload some of our songs to our site, songs that will not necessarily be on the new album... we may work on them at the end of the summer or the year. We'll record the new album in mid or end 2009, I hope...

Have you thought about the producer you would like to work with?
I'm not sure, there are a couple of people that we're considering, one of them is Flood (U2, NIN, Depeche Mode), but in the meanwhile we'll produce our own material, it is yet too soon to decide.

Will you include any conspiracy theory as you did in the previous albums?
Maybe there'll be a couple of songs talking about the microchip identity [?] to control people. I think that the government is working on the idea of creating a false risk state with the idea of putting microchips in our passports and eventually inside the people, I think this will happen in 10 or 20 years. I'd also like to keep writing about more personal emotions.