New Dom Blog - Obama Muse


Another eventful week.

Thank god Obama is in. Its now America's chance for a clean slate and to wipe off that jaded war riddled joke that was the last eight years. Best news in a long time..
This album, or whatever it may be or called these days, is definitely shaping up. Matt has done some really great string arranging that makes you want to cry or laugh, be happy or sad. It has a lot of emotion that makes me feel all these things at once. But maybe Im weird.. I just like it a lot and this is without vocals yet.
We're heading to the studio next week to get this thing started whist wearing the production hat. Hopefully the three of us can sail this piece in the right direction, or any direction and not around in circles for too long.
Its exciting to do this one in our own place with our own gear and in our own time; but we're still hoping to get a lot of spontaneity into this record which will feel refreshing.