Mystery Strikes Again

Thanks to Absolution_Syndrome for uploading these in their unencrypted form!

A few days ago, someone (whose IP we cannot track, strangely) uploaded 2 files to SYS entitled Helios and Late, with files "Corona.wma" and "War Is.wma".

Before we validated these, we tried to validate they weren't viruses, but the zips were encrypted somehow.

After validating the files to see if any of our members had any luck, the original uploader posted clues as to what the password could be.

After a few minutes of cryptography, the passwords were cracked! The tracks are now available in SYS - Sunburn and Overdue - lyrics are changed and Sunburn is completely done on guitar.

Spangly New Versions

Sunburn: All Guitar, No Piano - Almost completely different lyrics. Slap Bass Solo!

Overdue: Very different opening - very simplistic. Much more laid back.

To read about all the excitement of the code breaking, go to the original topic, here

Enjoy :)