My Week by Matt in this weeks NME

Using a sentence I never thought I'd type, Matt is the Page 3 boy in this week's NME.

My Week
We just got back from the tour with My Chemical Romance, where I was one of the only people on the entire tour not to go down with salmonella. So, I've been back home in Italy, making pasta and swimming in the lake. Plus, I'm trying to deal with a bunch of Italian builders who are building a studio for me at home. It's not just a studio, it's a bunch of rooms - a second attempt at a space for us to live and work together when we make the next album, Monkees style.

It's really stressful trying to deal with builders, they're all very relaxed, to say the least. Every time I come down they seem to be just sunbathing or having a swim in the lake. I think I'm a bit too friendly. Otherwise they wouldn't be swimming in the lake all day.

Any time in between that I'm on the phone with the crew trying to work out the stage set for Wembley. I'm moving into a calm-before-the-storm period. I was panicking a few months ago. Preparations have been going on for about six months, but I'm starting to zone out now. If we don't get it in place, I'm going to let it happen by itself.

I've been listening to... Hadouken! - That Boy That Girl
I'm not really sure what sort of music you would call it, bit there's some really extreme sampling going on. It's interesting, I'd quite like to hear more of what they do.