My first proper well not actually proper news post

Yes, i know this is (really) old news but i feel i have to put something on the site which is of interest... ahem

Anyways, here is the track listing for Absolution... and... ahem... some other stuff

01. Intro To Apocalypse Please
02. Apocalypse Please (aka Emergency) available (live)
03. Time is Running Out :: leaked (radio) --> release date 08.09.03
04. Sing for Absolution
05. Stockholm Syndrome :: available for download on muse official.
06. Falling away with you :: leaked
07. Interlude Out Falling Away
08. Hysteria :: leaked
09. Blackout :: leaked
10. Butterflies and Hurricanes :: leaked
11. Endlessly :: leaked (radio)
12. Thoughts Of A Dying Atheist :: leaked
13. TSP :: available (live)
14. Rule By Secrecy

Im not even promoting you download these files, sooo dont download them (:no)!!

Right, some more info...

The time is running out video is available on the microcuts website ( --> multimedia)... it's really weird, not typical muse but i still like it ;)

Right, i thought this was quite interesting... a picture of the planetarium where the secret muse gig was.


There's loads more happening so for more information go to these places. (the best!) (very very nice!)

Right, bye for now, please submit some pictures, news items, events and articles etc. Remember this is a community driven website... i hope