Muselivecom Win Digital Music Awards

That's right folks!

We kept it a dam good secret! Last night we (the admin team + mod) travelled up to Camden (Roundhouse) to attend the Digital Music Awards.

We got there at 6pm for a champagne reception and then were escorted down to the dining area, where we shared a table with Video-C (you guys rocked!), Authority and a PR agency (hi). After our free (yummy!) meal and wine, ther awards started, with performances from Lil' Chris, Sandi Thom, Plan B (No more eatin' for you now!), Captain and The Wonderfuls.

Our category came up about 50 mins into the ceremony, and it was announced we were the winners (we didn't know we had won beforehand), and cripple boy and I walked to the stage (slowly, due to cripple boys cripplability).

After trying to tweak an extra kiss from Edith Bowman, the speaches came! We'll put a video up of it later.

Then there was drinking, lots of it. The free wine was dangerous, but also hilarious. After meeting several fat cats and Alex Zane, we met Warner UK and How Splendid (who are incredibly splendid, by the way - as are Warner. We love you long time :love)

And that was about it! Muse also won Best Rock Artist, congratulations to you!

Big thanks to everyone who voted for us, and for all your support. Even bigger thanks go out to Omar and Jules and Jay and Britney and SuperAndy for being superbly fansnazztic all the time, sorry you couldn't be there!

Hooray for - more photos will be uploaded soon!