Muselivecom to Interview Muse

That's right folks! We've been granted a spangly interview with Muse which is due to happen in May sometime. Please post your question suggestions in this news article's comments section, and we'll choose the best and most unique to ask them!

We don't know any specifics of the interview yet, other than it will be conducted over e-mail.

On another Muselive sidenote - our payments side of the website is experiencing a few difficulties. If your subscription has suddenly ended, we know what's wrong and will fix it ASAP.

Also, Hoodies will be shipped really soon - Im have a rough time trawling through paypal looking for everyone's e-mails! If you ordered one, please PM me with the size you'd like and your paypal e-mail address to save time - Thanks :)

Edit: Storm competition has been postponed until further notice - sorry folks.