Muselivecom Review Knights of Cydonia Simian Remix

Muse, your fans don't want remixes. This track should not even be worthy of a b-side placement. What were you thinking!?

I'm sorry to rant, but if you have heard this song, you will agree with me that
not only does it sound like it has been mixed by an army of dying babies, but also features their crying vocals for good measure. All the 'good' bits of the song have been removed and replaced with a funky beat, and whilst I realise this is what most remixes are about, I doubt that even this will ever be played at a club.

Glorious, nice though.

This was a spur of the moment news post, I needed to take my disappointment out on something. I'll leave you to judge the track for yourselves.

For a much better (in my opinion) remix, click here for the Wizzy & Fleming remix

P.S. Please don't judge my writing skills on the above, I'm in a bad mood :-p