MuseLivecom claim to fame -- NME

Muselive was the first website to release these new live tracks to the public takes bow and now NME are talking about them!

Id like to say a special thanks to all the peeps who gave us the live tracks. Since they've been up, we've had well over 50,000 downloads of them. They've appeared on other websites too!

Anyway, thanks NME!

The names quoted are "Des, Pee Candle / Burning Bandits, A Crying Shame and New D"

Muselive members came up with "Burning Bandits" and we tried to start the naming of "Pee Candle" from the original News item when they started talking about it on the official boards :p

Heh, all this self-praising is great fun... Ah...

Anyway, the "bit" from NME

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