Muselive Version 2 Beta test now

OK - seems to be working now - go mad. Remember, using IE6 will make it look rubbish.

Hello guys and gals!

After over a year in development, we are finally ready to release a beta version of Muselive 2. Due to it's (very!) fragile nature at the moment, we are only inviting a small percentage of our website to test it.

So, without further ado...

The site has only been thoroughly tested in Firefox so far, however Safari also seems to work fairly well. Opera has experienced a few problems, as has Internet Explorer 7. Internet explorer 6 is really not liking it at the moment - these are problems we know of, however we hope to sort them out soon.

We do NOT recommend Internet Explorer 6. We recommend Firefox

Known Bugs - (Submit Bug Reports Here)

Comments link does not work for news posts

A few sections are not yet functional (e.g. gallery, users gallery, events etc)

There are a few problems with the menus

There are some design faults in the forums and other sections - easily fixable - we would like your input on how we can improve the design in all areas.

Part of the background image does not appear in pages (e.g. reviews, etc)

Please bear in mind, this is a VERY early beta, and there are still many things which need fixing - we are aware of most of the problems, but feel it is time for us to finally reveal the basic concept of the design

A few things you can play with...

Changing the style of the site - the boxes on the right - click them to change the theme of the site. Hopefully your browser should remember your truth

Clicking things! - Mostly titles. On the home page for example you can click the headings on the right side to hide or show the information - the same applies in the forums.

Now, go play! (level 16s and above). If the skin does not appear, head to your profile and change your skin to "Muselivev2". Feel free to post screenshots of the design in the forums (here, not there!)

Also, please remember to vote for us in the Digital music awards :)