Muselive Sundays

Hi, sorry for the late warning. We have decided to go ahead with this weeks Muselive Sunday as the radio system is now up and running 24/7 despite still very much a beta setup.

I will stream the bootleg 'Earls Court 20/04' at 21:30 website time. Feel free to tune in at any time as there will be music played 24/7.

Remember, to get information on the server, please visit: and to listen at home you can either open this file with winamp. If you do not have winamp then feel free to use our on-site player here!

Edit: Ok, its over this sunday however you can continue to listen to a small range of music throughout the night... please tune in, and pm me if you have any band's you would like to hear played on our radio over the next few days!

Many regards,