Muselive Meetup - Tattersalls Tavern 6PM

It seems as though half of the audience at next week's Muse gig will comprise entirely of members! Hooray, I hear you chant.

We have just finished organising a little get together. We would love it if you could join us for a couple of pints at The Tattersalls Tavern (map) at 6PM.

For those of you who have standing tickets, we're sorry we couldn't make the meeting any earlier. We will aim to be back at the venue before The Futureheads begin (7:30). As the vast majority of tickets are seating, you won't have a problem getting to your seat before the gig starts.

Let us know if you'll be coming by clicking here or posting in the comments. Please only say you will be coming if this is the case so we can get an idea of numbers.

For all those who want to come, we have a private bar, possibility of food if you want and will be holding small competitions where we will be giving away over £200 in prizes!

Hope to see you soon!
Tom, Lewis & Andrew xxx

P.S. We'll post a reminder of the meetup nearer the time of the concert, just so we dont forget ourselves!

Edit (Lewis): Have found out that our original venue will be very busy and too small. We have changed the location to The Tattersalls Tavern where we have a private room/bar and they serve food. Please update your Event Availability if required, here!



We shall now be holding the meet-up at The Tattersalls Tavern . Its only slightly further to walk but we get our own reserved bar area and if anyone wants, they can get food there.

We shall hold a variety of competitions with the possibility of winning over £200 in prizes.

We will now be waiting outside the Royal Albert Hall at 5:30 for 15 minutes so anyone who is unsure of the way to Tattersalls Tavern can walk with us. We shall still meet up at the Tavern at 6:00pm if anyone wants to just join us there.