Muselive Hits Thirty Thousand Members World Domination Next

I realise we haven't hit the 30,000 mark yet, we are 2 or 3 off, but I have a 9AM lecture tomorrow morning, and unfortunately can't wait up until the 30,000th registers - Im very very sorry, please forgive me - I have cake if you like :-)

Muselive has finally had its 30,000th member sign up. In a little over 3 years, Muselive has gone from strength to strength whilst simultaneously encountering many problems along the way. Dodgy hosts, faulty servers, hacking attempts, death threats and 3 full time degrees have all been part of the parcel for us here, and yet somehow we have managed to keep the site running!

A big thank you goes out to all of the members (especially you lovely, shiny premium members!), Tom Kirk and his cronies, Anthony Addis / WB (for not suing our arses off), our mods and ops for keeping the site nice and clean and last but not least, Ad-2One, our new advertising agency! If I've forgotten anyone, count yourself thanked too :-)

We've got some exciting stuff lined up for the future, including a competition set by Storm Thorgerson himself and a new addition to the site, costing the best part of a grand!

We'll soon be purchasing a new and improved server to host more bootlegs and videos, allowing us to expand the Share Your Stuff and Media Downloads Section. Muselive branded hoodies are now also available, which come with posh embroidering and the ML emblem printed nice and large on the back - I'll be sure to post some photos up of them when I have some free time!

Once again, thanks everyone for supporting our (award winning :wink) site!

With Lovin',
The Muselive Team.