Muselive Crew Meeting

Tomorrow evening Andrew, Tom and I are getting together to discuss the direction and current issues with Muselive. Between now and then it would be great to have as much input from members (whether they have been here since 2003 or only just signed up 5 minutes ago) about what you like or dislike about Muselive and what features you would like to see in the future.

We already have a couple of things that shall definitely be talked about, but they are secret HAHAHAHAHAHA... Ahem.

We will be reporting back to you with our formulated to-do list, time scales of things and hopefully a couple of outstanding issues that we resolved there and then.

Until then if you could make your ideas known in the comments section of this news post, we would be most obliged.

Hugs and Kisses (And a stern look from Tom),

Edit (Andrew) - We have had our meeting now, I'll post some of the plans we have made for MuseLive l8r today. Thanks for all the ideas, every single one has been taken into consideration.