Muse Win Vote But Muselive Named And Shamed

From XFM: "And vote you did, in your thousands. And thousands. And the results were surprising, if not entirely predictable. Judging by the votes, the World's Greatest Indie Band would feature Matt Bellamy from Muse on vocals and guitar, Chris Wolstenholme also from Muse on bass, and (would you believe it?) Dom Howard from Muse on drums and anyone else rather than Bez on maracas. So, essentially, it's Muse."

However They Seemed To Have Noticed Our Attepmpts.......

"But we have reason to believe that certain Muse messageboards had been encouraging people to fiddle with their computers so they could multiple vote. Thus things may have been a little Muse-heavy. So disregarding their votes, the band would be formed of Thom Yorke on vocals, Jonny Greenwood from Radiohead on guitar Oasis' Andy Bell on bass and Dave Grohl on drums. Which sounds a little more interesting."

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