Muse to Play Exogenesis Live

The BBC recently posted a new interview with Muse, talking about using pillars in their live gigs along with the possibility of performing Exogenesis.

"Exogenesis is about pinning our hopes on a few people - or astronauts - to leave this planet and find a new place to populate and start a new civilisation.

"It's certainly an ambitious piece of music - it's very classical sounding. There's lots of strings and brass and timpani. It was quite hard to do because we had to change the way we approached normal song writing."

Howard admits it will be a challenge to play live.

"Since the last album we've had a fourth person on stage playing keyboards. That helps a great deal with instrumentation.

"But it would be nice to incorporate some real strings into the shows. Exogenesis is definitely going to be a a big moment in the set.

Because it's quite a quiet song we want a really cool piece of film that takes you on a journey..."