Muse to Perform at the Olympics

A few Musers from the official forum were lucky enough to bump into Matt recently. Matt disclosed a few nuggets of information regarding LP 6, future tours and the possibility of performing at the London Olympics. Here's their account:

This is my info. Ok here it goes.
Me and 3 other musers met Matt today - can I just point out how awesome he is for getting out of his car just to come talk to us!

Ok so here's the news:
- Recording is going really well, he kept emphasizing on "really" - he seemed extremely excited.
- They were asked to play the Olympics - he seems like he didn't mean to say that haha but yeah so there's a good chance!
- They'll start gigs in September
- The album will be finished in late April/May and it will come out in either September or October depending on how things go
- The picture Tom tweeted were song names but he said that some will be changed and that they were all really drunk when that was posted

I think that's about it!