Muse to Make Tour Documentry

Muse recently spoke to the Doctor on Triple J. Chris mentioned the possibility of a new, Hullabaloo-style (we presume) documentary

Triple J
Earlier in the evening Chris from Muse stopped by the triple j broadcast van and told Rosie Beaton the band are working on putting together a tour documentary.

"Most of the shows that we're doing are recorded. We travel with a recording system so it's really easy these days to record every show. So much of what we do is naturally documented anyway so when we come to a year down the line and record companies are screaming at us for a live thing we'll have plenty of stuff to choose from. But we'd like to do something more along the lines of a touring documentary as opposed to just a live gig this time, we've done that three or four times. I think we just want to do something a little more like Nirvana's thing the Live Tonight Sold Out. I think that was one of the best tour documentary videos I'd ever watched. Just life on the road, obviously with a bit of music here and there and loads of other random stuff as well."