Muse to Headline Radio 1's Big Weekend

Radio 1 today announced that Muse will be headlining the Main Stage at this year's Big Weekend in Norwich, on the 23rd May.

It’s been nine long years since Matt Bellamy, Dominic Howard and Chris Wolstenholme last graced the Big Weekend main stage. Back then, they left a supermassive black hole where Camperdown Park in Dundee used to be, having just delivered violent excerpts from their fourth album, the cinematic Black Holes and Revelations.

Three more albums (and a stunning Live Lounge special from 2012) later, and, well, it’s all kicking off again for their latest magnum opus, Drones; specially created instruments that look like guitars and act like items of weaponry, Matt Bellamy’s banshee wail causing aeroplanes to fall from the sky (possibly), and the final whistle being sounded on all of creation as we know it, in four part harmony with preposterously loud riffs.

That’s what it feels like, anyway.