Muse The Supermassive Collection

The CD came free with today's NME. Bargain.

What's the tracklisting?, I hear you cry?! Well, today is your lucky today fellow museliveans, for HERE is the tracklisting (I bet you didn't see that coming, did you?).

1. Lord Buckley - The Train
2. Gustav Holst - Mars: The Bringer of War
3. Clor - Good Stuff
4. The Flaming Lips - The Yeah Yeah Yeah Song
5. Lightning Bolt - Magic Mountain
6. Shy Child - Generation Y (We Got It)
7. Death From Above 1979 - Blood on our Hands
8. Does it Offend You, Yeah? - Battle Royale
9. CSS - Alala
10. Cold War Kids - Hang Me Up To Dry (Live)
11. Bjork - Triumph of a Heart
12. Muse - Man of Mystery
13. Lord Buckley - The Nazz