Muse Support MCR Tonight

Update: Review from an MCR Fan.

Last night was pretty much the best night of my life ever! MCR weren't amazing but hey I know they wouldn't. Studio albums = awesome, Live = not so good - but getting a shit load better. It was still awesome to see them though, I've loved them for a long time now.

But Muse. Muse were incredible. I can't say anymore just because I can't explain how amazing it all was. It was so good that I didn't even mind pints of beer being thrown all over the place. Heck, it was fun getting soaked in beer.
Just a reminder - Muse are supporting My Chemical Romance tonight on the first part of their (supporting role) US tour. Post your comments - how well do you think it will go? Will MCR fans really be 'taken to a higher level'?

Also, 'A Book of Fan Appreciation for the Man Who Saves Muse from Being a Boy-Band' will be delivered to Chris Wolstenholme before the show! We expect photos :-)