Muse Rock Opera

Muse Rock Opera!!

Hi, I am a writer. I love the band Muse. If you do not know this band or if you hate them, then I am sorry but I think you should ignore this posting. This is not to be a snob! but it is a project that is based on their music after all.
I have written what I can think of no better way to describe than a breakdown of what I see as a very compelling "rock opera" type of film/videography even, for the UK band Muse. After listening to Hullabaloo as well as their first two albums, I developed a story line based around aprox. 6 of their songs. I feel it is powerful and stirring, creative and different, as is their music. HOWEVER, I don't quite know how one would turn this into a typical script as it is not that typical. I would love to meet young honest, creative like-minded film students/writers/artists that could see themselves getting involved with an "arty" DV film type of project like this. People who are focused and talented, with something to offer but without pretentions and just looking for a good project to practice the creative force. etc.
Of course I can't do everything myself so I am looking for a collborative partner or group that would love to test thier creative chops on something that meant something to them-ie:if you are muse fans and want to "work with them". My hopes are that this would eventually be able to go on the "indie film circuit" or even somehow, someway involved with Muse...
I have much written, very specific images and ideas for all the songs and general plotlines as well. it's somewhat "gothic" I suppose with an emotional and visual core, very human yet also hinting at the supernatural. Epic and stylish and quiet, like Muse themselves.