Muse Road To Wembley - part 2 The Early Gigs

Chris: "Our first gig was in February 1994 - it actually wasn't as Muse, it was The Rocket Babydolls. We only did one gig as The Rocket Babydolls - it was a battle of the bands competition we did - and then March 1994 was the first time we did a gig as Muse. It was a bit of a weird one really, it was a roller disco, and it kind of had the disco area at the end of this sports hall and then this kind of little stage in the corner, and we thought we were just sort of turning up to do a gig, you know, with people watching us, but it wasn't - we were sort of in a corner playing, and it was just like all these little 10 year old kids were skating around in circles totally oblivious to the fact that there was a band on."

Dom: We felt young even though we were probably like 20. At the same time we didn't get so out of control that we lost our minds, we stayed at a solid level - I think back in those days we didn't really think about the big picture - it was all about living a day at a time really. And by the end of that we'd sold out two nights at the Astoria. Every little step just felt amazing."

Matt: "Our first tour in a van was pretty cool, when we squeezed in the back of one of those transit vans touring the UK all of us sharing one bedsit. At the time it was shit, but looking back it was absolutely brilliant. That lifestyle gave us a taste of life on the road and we liked that, we liked that element of travelling and being in new places every day - you can be embarrassing and drunk and have offensive parties, whatever you want, and the next day it's all gone. You're in a new town with new people!"