Muse Reveal V Festival Info

Muse have revealed some information in this week's NME concerning their headline slot at the V Festival (16th, Chelmsford and 17th, Staffordshire).

    1 No new songs will be played (However, new riffs were played at the Marlay Park gig, alongside a cover of Justice's 'Genesis') Tom: This wasn't covered, it was their introduction. They covered an Ennio Morricone track called "The Man With The Harmonica"

    2 The slot will take place around the festival (possibly involving props?)

    3 Despite Muse's recent collaboration with the Streets' Mike Skinner - 'Who Knows Who' - he is not expected to appear on stage, despite rumours. However, the band have stated that Mike's involvement in future performances would be a possibility, if he was willing.
Also, rumours started on Radio 1 suggest that Muse will, after all, be allowed their UFO!