Muse returning to America in March

Muse will return to these shores for another North American tour in March, according to AOL Music. The British trio will head to Australia for the Big Day Out festival in January, which is likely to be followed by a new run of dates here in the U.S. as the band continues supporting its fourth album, Black Holes and Revelations.

The band wants to repeat the extensive U.S. touring it did for its 2004 effort, Absolution, which frontman Matthew Bellamy says paid off for the group:
"We kind of got discovered over here almost like a new band, you know, and it was nice to come over here to the States and play, like, starting off playing these smaller gigs and by the end of the album, after about a year or so, we're playing much bigger gigs. And it was nice to be discovered again, 'cause I suppose we hadn't had that feeling since maybe, you know, five or six years ago in the U.K. And it was nice to get that sort of chance to be a new band again and play gigs to people who've never seen you before."

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