Muse Perform New Songs

Radio 1 recently broadcast several tracks from the Muse set tonight (which started at 18:40). One of these tracks had never been heard before.

Radio 1 broadcast the following songs:

Supermassive Black Hole
Time Is Running Out
Knights of Cydonia

Muse also apparently played Starlight, but this was not broadcast by Radio 1.

Unfortunately, due to a phone call received earlier from the Muse management, we are unable to host any of the above mentioned tracks. We hope you understand this and realise that any tracks uploaded to Share Your Stuff will not be validated.

If you wish to acquire the new songs, we recommend listening again on the Radio 1 website, or contacting members on this site who have made recordings.

We ARE able to host user-made bootlegs of the songs - so, for people returning from the gig, please upload any home-made recordings you might have!

NB: We are not to be held accountable for your possible acquisition of these songs!