Muse on Gonzo

Thanks to Microcuts for this, detailing the Muse interview with ZAaAAAAAaaaane

Muse was on the couch at Gonzo on MTV2 yesterday night :

:: a question was asked about when In Your World would be put back in the live set. Matt says maybe at the festivals - they were considering asking people on the forums (didn't catch which one - probably to decide what songs would be in the setlists

:: Matt was asked what happened in Atlanta, he says the stage was so small that when he jumped he expected to have a lot of space but instead he saw Dom's drum kit and Chris's shoulder, so he fell over and the guitar broke his fall when it hit his upper lip.

:: also they said in response to a question that if they would release another DVD, this one would be 'like the Nirvana one' in Matt's words in that they would put on bits from different concerts and bits from when they were in America.

:: As to why Fury wasn't on the album, Matt said he thought it was the best song they'd written and that Dom and Chris had voted for TSP being put on the album instead.

:: A fan asked why there wasn't a 4th member so that Matt wouldn't have had to do as much work. Dom said they had considered it but according to Matt whenever they were onstage as a 3-piece they said 'ah, we don't need a 4th member'. Matt said they would probably try it out anyway to see how it worked out.

:: some small and rather pointless questions that were asked -

- Favourite cheeses:
Matt - Winchester
Dom - Stuchen or something, can't remember
Chris - Danish Blue

- A or B questions:
V Fest / Glastonbury
ET / Gremlins
Star Wars / Spaceballs
Lord Of The Rings / Harry Potter (to this, Dom replied LoTR while Matt replied Harry Potter)
Alicia Keys / Black Eyed Peas (Matt likes them both but they agreed on Alicia in the end)